About Us

Saint John Espresso is where the locals go. We’re the spot for post-yoga breakfasts and crosswords over coffee. We’re the place to meet friends for weekend brunch or take the family out for an after-school treat. We’re the early morning coffee pit-stop and the lunch break you won’t regret.

Kate is a Glebe local through and through, and lives just down the road from Saint John Espresso. When she bought the place in 2016, she envisioned a place of warm hospitality and great food, giving Sydney-siders a taste of the real Glebe.

And, that’s just what she’s done. Local ingredients are supplied by Galluzzos, a well loved local produce store just up the street.

Back in 2016, Kate challenged herself to bake a different cake every day. And, she’s kept her word.


A local cafe, in all the best ways.


We’re committed to minimising our environmental impact - and making a difference. It’s all in the details.

  • We recycle
  • We compost
  • We offer a discount for choosing a reusable cup
  • We don’t sell any plastic bottles
  • Our juice jars are sterilised and refilled