Corn & Zucchini Fritters

Given many of us are stuck at home, the least I can do is share some recipes!


Since we were forced to remove our fryer from the Saint John Espresso kitchen, it's up to you to reproduce them at home - should you have a fryer! It's definitely a trial-and-error process - the mix shouldn't be too runny or they won't hold together, but too gluey and they take forever to cook and they won't be crispy. But keep going - it's worth it!


For the fritters:

3 corn cobs, kernels removed 

1kg zucchini, diced finely as you can

1/2 bunch shallots, sliced finely

1 egg


For the dry fritter mix:

1 1/2 cups flour (we use GF flour)

250g rice flour (we use a GF rice flour)

1 tbs salt

1/2 tsp coriander ground

1/2 tsp cumin ground


To make batter, combine corn, zucchini, and a handful of shallots in a large bowl. Add 100g of dry fritter mix, and the egg and combine well (we usually use gloved hands). This mix will last three days in the fridge, but will get a little watery due to the zucchini, so add a tablespoon or two of dry mix. 

To cook the fritters, use the largest spoon you have to scoop up the wet mix and use another spoon to slide it off into the fryer. Give it some time - 3 minutes - to cook and then flip with tongs. Cook till golden. Serve with an egg, avocado and roast tomatoes.